Fee Schedule for Single Family Homes & Additions

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Design Fees:

Based upon a percentage of the "Construction Cost” or by the hour for small projects and consultation. "Construction Cost" is defined as the final cost of all the fixed and fitted items in the house including mechanical and electrical.
Individual projects may require different selection of services. The full fee for a complete project ranges up to 7%. Any fees associated with structural, mechanical and electrical work is additional as is any appeals or other legal work.
Details of services are shown in the Concept to Completion program. A fee breakdown according to project stages is made available to each client.

Initial Cost Estimate:

Based upon an estimated cost per square foot. This remains the minimum cost of services. Final cost is adjusted later, after more accurate cost estimates or actual construction costs have been determined.

Consultation or Smaller Projects:

Charged by the hour. A 30 minute free consultation is offered at our office.


Fees for renovations are proportionately higher. They include measuring and assessing the existing building(s).

Not Included in Design fee:

Blueprinting, structural and other engineering, municipal fees, permit fees and other related documents or fees.