Stage 7: Construction Management

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Construction Management

During this stage I will be overseeing the project to ensure that it follows the drawings, that the building code requirements are met and that the project is on budget and on schedule. A good builder will be very sensitive to meet all these requirements if they know they are being watched. At certain stages, progress reports will be made to document what has taken place and the builder will ask for payments. I will review this progress to ensure that the work has been carried out to my satisfaction before the builder will receive payment. The client from time to time may wish to make changes. If so, these changes or additions are put in writing on the contract and a price established. Correct documentation will ensure that everything is kept under control and clear up any misunderstandings that occur. The cost will also be determined before the changes or installation occur. If the project is easily accessible, I will check daily and watch the progress carefully. I am sensitive to investigating delays that may come up.

I aim to protect the client throughout the entire process and free them from the worry of being taken advantage of.

When the project is finally complete, a date will be determined for the client to move in. Certain items may still remain to be completed, but these will be documented as to when. Some aspects may be seasonal, where the climate prevents immediate completion. The warranty dates will be established and responsibilities during this period clearly defined. For example, some builders may repair nail pops in drywall but not be prepared to paint. Again, a clear understanding by the client and the contractor determines a successful conclusion to the project. Apart from design, it is my experience clients are paying for. This experience will protect the quality of the design and workmanship, the cost of the project and the time in which it is to be completed. My experience can make the difference between a series of nightmares and a hassle free construction project.